Shifting Gears: Move Beyond ADFS with Parent ID Passport!

With technology evolving at breakneck speed, yesterday’s solutions can quickly become today’s impediments. When it comes to Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Management, the march of progress has not been kind to ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). Originally a revolutionary development in the world of SSO, ADFS is unfortunately becoming a relic.

Although it was once considered state-of-the-art, ADFS comes with its share of drawbacks in the modern-day context. With complex setup requirements, on-premise dependencies, and costly maintenance, ADFS can feel like a rusty cog in an otherwise well-oiled machine. Plus, in the era of cloud-based solutions, maintaining an on-premise server like ADFS can seem counterintuitive and cumbersome.

The good news? There’s a way to give ADFS the retirement it deserves and step into the future with confidence: K12’s Parent ID Passport (PIPs).

PIPs leverages the power of Azure Active Directory B2C, a cloud-based identity management solution that delivers superior functionality, security, and scalability. With PIPs, you’re not just waving goodbye to the inconvenience and complexity of ADFS, but also embracing an upgrade that is more aligned with the current trends in technology.

Our solution offers a seamless SSO experience across various school platforms, providing robust security and data privacy protections. With its Australian based (Azure) cloud-based infrastructure, it can effortlessly scale as your school grows, making it a sustainable choice for the long run.

By integrating PIPs into your school’s system, you’ll get:

1. Ease of Implementation: No more wrestling with complex ADFS setups. PIPs is designed for a smooth, hassle-free setup experience.

2. Scalability: Built for growth, PIPs scales as per your needs, ensuring seamless performance no matter how your school expands.

3. Automated Identity Management: With PIPs, managing your users’ identities is automated, removing both cumbersome parent account management as well as automated user account management.

4. Excellent Support: We don’t just provide a service; we partner with you to ensure the success of your identity management strategy.

It’s time to move forward and leave the antiquated systems like ADFS in the past. Embrace a more dynamic, scalable, and secure identity management solution with PIPs. Get in touch to learn how we can assist you in making the transition.

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