Forget managing parent user accounts!!!

Let parents log in however they want!

With PIPS, you can provide your parent community with simple access to any SAML capable solution where you have parent access requirements via their own email address.

The system also provides parents with capabilities to use their personal social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn for example or connect via Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts.


We provide a customized version of the login portal suited to your needs, complete with branding and a URL to matched to your domain (such as, which is a great way to make sure parents are comfortable with the portal and helps reduce the IT Support burden linked to other generic URL options.


Choose from a large range of identity platforms for your parent community. Social services including Facebook, LinkedIn are common along with Google accounts, Microsoft accounts and Apple IDs. Finally, parents can create a personal account of their own using the portal and linked to their own email address.


Behind the scenes, we provide custom workflows to ensure the use of an account is verified and validated. Validated accounts are then subject to a verification process against your single source of truth, such as your SIS.


The email address passed from the social authentication provider is compared to the known valid emails within the source of truth, and once verified as a real parent address, the account is provisioned in PIPS and linked to that social provider account.

Authentication Process

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